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A native of Paterson, Joseph Aboyoun recalls that he never wanted to be just a lawyer. He wanted to become a business lawyer – and over the course of a 30+-year career, he has done just that.

Joe began his legal career as a tax lawyer, which, he says, has given him the legal and business grounding necessary to be a strong business lawyer. Over time, he has developed tremendous experience – and extensive relationships – working with automobile dealers and those with whom they do business. Today, Joe has become a leader in the Tri-State Area auto dealer community – having served automotive clients for his entire legal career – yet he also works with a variety of other closely held businesses.

A skilled negotiator and a firm believer in deal making, Joe spends much of his time representing his clients in negotiating the purchase and sale of dealerships. This includes the issues that typically arise in sales and acquisitions, as well as circumstances like franchise protests, terminations and other franchise-related disputes. Joe has the ability to think like a client, placing himself in the client’s shoes. In addition, Joe has extensive experience in resolving many franchise disputes through the use of applicable mediation processes.

Joe also works with dealers and others on estate planning and succession planning issues.

He has been actively involved in the National Association of Dealer Counsel (NADC), a nationwide organization of attorneys who represent automobile and other vehicle dealers, as well as the American Bar Association Forum Committee on Franchising; he has written and spoken on a wide variety of topics for both organizations. In addition, Joe has taught classes in buying and selling automotive dealerships, and has spoken on estate planning topics as well. Joe wrote "Impact of the Franchise Law Amendments on Buy-Sells" for the Summer 2012 Issue of the New Jersey Auto Retailer.


The Franchiser's Right of First Refusal: An Automotive Industry Perspective
Franchise Law Journal, Vol. 36, No. 2, Fall 2016


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Automobile Dealer Law

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Commercial Real Estate


Estate Planning and Estate Administration


New Jersey, 1978

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Rutgers University, B.A.

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New York University, LL.M.
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